5 Cheap Easy Meal Ideas For Vacation

One thing we do to keep costs low when we’re in areas that are more touristy and thus more expensive: cook.

Here are some quick easy meal ideas that you can make when you’re on vacation. This is for you if you’re trying to save money on vacation, or you’re looking for tasty at-home date night ideas.

Classico: Rice Chicken Beans

The classical thing they eat in Central and South America are rice, chicken, and beans. Mostly what we’re doing if we’re cooking ourselves is skipping the chicken and adding in different kinds of beans.


I LOVE the taste of quesadillas and I could eat them all day every day. They’re easy and cheap to make, checking all the boxes of a meal. Especially if you want easy meal ideas for vacation, this is for you!

Breakfast Burrito

I don’t like to limit myself. That it’s called a breakfast burrito doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only eat it for breakfast. What about the rest of the day? It’s so good, you can eat it for any meal!

Make Your Own Guacamole

You can eat it on toast, with tortilla chips, corn chips, basically everything you can think of! You can also eat it with any of the other recipes on the list.

Fish Tacos

Shortly warm your tortillas in the pan. Get some sour cream and put it on the tortillas. Put some fish on top. In my case, it’s often tuna, but it can be something else like sardines, mackerel, or salmon.