40 Invention Companies That Buy Ideas

Invention and ideas work well if you know what to do. From licensing to patenting to trademark and prototyping, there are so many steps to do if you want to realize your idea.

The challenge of realizing your idea can be addressed through the help of these companies that are willing to fund building your idea.

Sharper Image

Sharper Image is an American brand that provides its customers with different items such as home appliances, air purifiers, toys, and high-tech gadgets.


They are known to work worldwide with leading brands and technologies in 3 business categories; laundry and home care, beauty products, and adhesive technologies.

Dorman Products, Inc.

Dorman Products, Inc. is a company that supplies replacement parts for any automotive vehicle, such as light and heavy-duty trucks.

Jokari Home Solutions

Jokari Home Solutions is known for generating common household items, kitchen gadgets, and other houseware items or storage solutions.

Coastal Pet Products

They offer collars, harnesses, grooming tools, leashes, toys, and travel essentials for our pets.


Wilson is a company that specializes in sporting goods and equipment manufacturers based in Chicago, Illinois. They accept and consider invention ideas through their website.

Wild Planet Entertainment

Wild Planet Entertainment is a company that develops and produces toys that inspire children to be imaginative and has the same spirit as Walt Disney.


Coleman is an American brand and a leading company for outdoor recreation products such as camping gear, sleeping bags, lanterns, tents, stoves, coolers, and LED lights.

Builders Inventions

They have created tools like apps to design products online for their convenience and make life easier for them.

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sports equipment company that produces footwear, sports, and casual apparel. It is one of the most popular clothing brands for sports.