The 4-Hour Work Week Review – Still Relevant In 2022?

The 4 Hour Work Week starts with the statement that Tim only works 4 hours per week and travels the world.

The message of the Four Hour Work Week is simple: why would you wait until your pension to have more free time? This is the time you have the energy to do whatever you want.

How The Story Starts – Tim Ferriss

He learned about the 80-20 principle, also called the Pareto Principle, and he automated his business. By only focusing on the 20% of most profitable clients he increased his profitability.

4 Hour Work Week Summary

Define your goals  – Eliminate things to free up time  – Automate to increase income – Liberate yourself from expectations

The 4-Hour Work Week – My Biggest Lessons

Throughout the book, my view of what successful people look like has changed. You can live anywhere, work however many hours per week as you want, and live a good life.

Create Your Dream Life

The most important thing that I want you to take away from this, is that you can create your own dream life. Whatever your dream life looks like for you, you can live it.

Negotiate To Work From Home

Suggest working three to four days at home for a period of time and make those days uber-productive.