33 Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour

Searching for a job is not easy. Let alone a $20 per hour job. Each one of us went through the process of applying, doing interviews, and then waiting if you made it.

When someone asks you, what are the jobs that pay $20 an hour? Most of the answers are being a nanny, a technician, a clinic staff, animal caretakers, and more. However, earning $20 an hour is not limited to blue-collar jobs.

Jobs That Pays $20 An Hour


There are online apps such as Survey Junkie, Doordash, Inboxdollars, Fiverr, and more. All you have to do is finish the task given by the platform whenever you have the time to do so.


You can place ads on your site, sell ebooks, e-courses, or make a “hire me” page on your blog. It allows your blog to grow, and at the same time, your money increases.

Online Tutoring

Teaching young kids, teens, and adults can make you earn extra cash and let you talk to people around the world.


There are also dozens of platforms to sell your photos online to start making passive income besides your day job.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants assist everything with the business at the comfort of their homes. You don’t have to have an office to be one.


Freelance writing is one of the jobs that pay $20 or more per hour. They are in charge of different publications such as magazines, blogging, websites, and newspapers.


Reviewing written content for typographical, syntax, punctuation, and formatting mistakes is a proofreader’s responsibility.

Online Surveys

Getting paid for sharing your opinions and answering studies from different companies is simple and valid.


It requires skill training and the proper knowledge to repair or replace them. Manual labor like plumbing falls under the job category that pays $20 per hour.


Electricians are also part of the jobs that pay well and are considered a trade career because they do not require a 4-year degree. You can go to a trade school to learn the particular duties of an electrician.