27 Things I Stopped Buying To Save Money

When you’re cutting expenses and want to save money, it is important to also look at what you’re buying.

What things I stopped buying so save money? By eliminating the purchases that were unnecessary and didn’t add anything.

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Cutting Cable

On average, people paid a shocking $217 for their cable bill, according to research by Decision Data. While I’m not saying that watching TV is bad, it will make you sluggish and less productive.

Eating Out Too Often

After I realized how much money you can save by packing lunch, I started making more meals at home.

Grocery Store Hacks

What did I do? I wrote down the things that I needed and I stuck to my grocery list.

Don’t Buy Brand Specific

Did you know that often the generic brand is produced by the same manufacturer as the branded product? That’s why I stopped buying my branded products.

Travel-Sized Products

Go for the money saving option and put your products in these reusable travel bottles.

I Stopped Drinking Coffee

I stopped drinking coffee and caffeine altogether last year. It was not good for my health. Plus it saves me a lot of money.

Gym Memberships

If you’re working out less than twice a week, ask yourself if your gym membership is really worth it.

(New) Cars

Be the smart one and buy a car that is slightly used, you will get the initial discount and have many years left on the vehicle.

Trying To Impress People

You can save thousands and thousands of dollars by sticking to your regular ride, normal home, and generic brands.