25+ Companies With The Best Benefits In 2022

You hear many companies say that they value their employees and that they are offering great benefits.

Of course, they do, they want to attract the best employees out there to their company. However, not many employers actually provide good benefits packages. Because it takes too much time to research all of this yourself, we’ve done the work for you.


Thanks to Microsoft’s adoption benefits, daycare services, flexible work schedules, and social clubs, it’s a perfect place to work with comfort.


Google offers free food, free cooking classes, on-site gym facilities, on-site physicians, nurses, healthcare services, massage therapists, shuttle service, and more to its employees.


Facebook offers a four-month paid parental leave with a good “Baby Cash” bonus to new parents. Some other Facebook perks include insurance benefits, free food, free gym membership, the option to work from home, 16 weeks of paid paternity and maternity leave, and more.


You will get unlimited holidays, flexible working hours, and four weeks of extra paid leaves for every five years of employment with Hubspot – with an additional $1K for your time off.


NVIDIA features the best parental policies, including up to 22 weeks of paid leaves, reimbursements for adoption expenses, and in vitro fertilization plans.


They offer great benefits, including remote work, family medical leave, child care benefits, 16 weeks of paid time off for new parents, health care benefits, free meals, bring your pets, and an unlimited vacation policy.

Southwest Airlines

You and your family can board Southwest planes at no cost. Further, you can also receive guest passes and can take your friend on free trips.

Clif Bar

You can use its fitness center, talk to a nutritionist, and borrow bicycles for free. Further, they give impressive bonuses to staff, and you can get plenty of free time as well.

Bank Of America

A couple of the reasons Bank of America is among the companies with the best benefits is their health insurance, life and disability insurance, bonuses, free counseling, gym facilities, and work-life balance.


It provides premium life insurance, disability insurance, and health benefits. In addition to this, it gives paid holidays and cares about the happiness of their employees.