24 Must Do Activities In The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes is an area in northwestern New York filled with beauty and many things to do during any season.

But there are especially appealing must-do activities in the Finger Lakes during spring, summer, and fall. Here are some ideas to spark motivation to travel there.

The subject: Glass, including information and pieces to show how it has changed over thousands of years and how techniques and technology have changed over time.

Visit The Corning Museum Of Glass

Sign up for a flight aboard a small seaplane, which seats about four to five people. Take a journey above Keuka Lake, then land on it!

Go On A Seaplane Adventure

It’s in the center of Hammondsport and is a very charming and a great place to stay.

Stay At A Historic Hotel

If the weather is nice, pack a picnic or get take out from a nearby restaurant for a picnic in the park in Hammondsport, just in front of the Park Inn.

Picnic In The Park Inn, Hammondsport Square

Its cities are blanketed in attractive colors as the leaves change from green to oranges, reds, and yellows during autumn.

Go Fall Leaf Peeping

A lead plane flies the glider up in the air, attached to a cable. And then, at a certain height, the cable is freed from the glider. That allows the plane to fly through the sky silently.

Go On A Glider Plane

Aboard, you’ll find they have beverages and snacks if you want to enhance your memorable sail around the lake during “golden hour” just before sunset into dusk.

Take A Sunset Sail

The Rockwell family started this museum in Corning’s former city hall. It’s where you’ll find a lot of art pieces about the American experience.

Spend Some Time At The Rockwell Museum

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