23 Best Recession-Proof Jobs For Any Skill Level In 2022

During an economic slowdown or downturn, there are generally layoffs and fewer work opportunities and job offers. It is harder to get a job since many sectors get hit, and most companies tighten their operating expenses.

So, if you are looking for a recession-proof job, get your resume and make sure your resume stands out from the rest to impress your prospective employers.

Are you looking for career fields that are impacted less during a recession? While there is absolutely no guarantee, specific industries or professions are essential for our society. Here is a selection of recession-proof jobs at every skill level.

Medical & Healthcare Professionals

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a registered nurse, doctor, assistant, or anything in between. Having a job in the medical and healthcare field is a great place to be during a recession.

Grocery Store Workers

When you cut down on how often you go out to eat, you will do more grocery shopping. If you’re looking for a job, a grocery store worker may be more stable than other jobs.

Delivery Services

The continued increase in people having things delivered makes delivery and courier services one of the most recession-proof jobs out there.

IT Professionals

If you’re looking for a recession-proof job, working in the IT field is something to consider. People need help with their computers, phones, and software systems more than ever before.

Accountants & Auditors

As long as businesses continue, they need an accountant to report their yearly numbers and check their books.

Debt Management Professionals

As a debt management professional, you help people reduce their debt and prevent bankruptcy from happening. You help people that need money now to reduce their debt.

Utility Workers

The high demand combined with the aging current labor force means that there will be a labor shortage for years to come. If you’re looking for a recession-proof job, utility workers are high on the list.

Public Safety Professionals

Working as an ambulance driver, firefighter, or police officer makes you relatively recession-proof. It is also a great option when you are looking for a job where you can help others.

Federal Government Employees

Government jobs will be influenced little by the economic cycles, as there is a constant need for them. Also, the government is a big organization that will not downsize the moment a recession hits.

Teachers & Educators

Teachers are essential, even during times when learning takes different forms. It doesn’t matter whether you are providing online classes; the need for education is still there.