22 Of The Best Income-Producing Assets For 2022

Many turn to income-producing assets since our options to earn are limited. It is fortunate if you prefer to have a financial safety net, running a business or two while maintaining a day job.

Income-producing assets can sound like a complicated mouthful of words, but it’s basically assets that give you recurring income. These are properties or resources that give you more money for your bank account.

List of income-producing assets that may be interesting to you

Starting a blog or setting up just a simple website filled with things that you find interesting can be a spark of something profitable.


For the best passive outcome possible, set creative ways to promote your products through different mediums like social media, blogs, vlog reviews, and more.

Digital Products And Royalties

A dividend comes from a company’s profit that is distributed as an incentive to shareholders. Of course, this means you’ll have to find high-paying stocks and buy shares that pay dividends.


The system makes it easier for borrowers because they don’t have to go through financial institutions to apply for loans. The high ROI balances this convenience offered by P2P for lenders.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Real estate crowdfunding is an alternative way for business owners to raise money from a crowd of investors instead of asking one or two investors.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

It allows a qualified person to join the pool of capital investors to profit from real-estate properties without the hassle of running it themselves.

REIT Or Real Estate Investment Trust

When investing in stocks, you should continually educate yourself of the risks because there are times that value goes down or even crashes entirely. Invest wisely and only what you can afford to lose.


Profiting from bonds is pretty straightforward; a holder can either sell them or wait until the debt matures and collect the payment along with interest.


A money market account is a deposit savings account at banks that pay a little higher interest than a savings account.

Money Market Savings Accounts