How To Make Money On Facebook And 14 Ways People Are Doing It

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Visualize 2.4 billion people spending anywhere from 5 minutes to the average 145 minutes on the social media platform.

Facebook is an $826 Billion empire, but it’s also an opportunity for anyone to leverage their audience and make money. Let’s look at how to make money on Facebook and 14 ways people are doing it.

Consider using your expertise to identify the best memes/jokes/news and creating a graphic to sell on mugs, shirts, art, and more.

2. FB Group Moderator

The moderators in a FB group are often the ones who started the group, but sometimes, they are hired help. The pay is generally around $5-$20/hr and widely depends on the size and income of the Facebook Group.

3. Purchase Fb Ads

Consider learning Facebook Ads to help send traffic to your website or company affiliate program. Many companies do this to make more money when people come to their website than their Facebook ads cost.

While finding a new job won’t be a way to make extra money on Facebook, a new job can make you more money.

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