11 Terrible Money Habits For Your Wallet And Your Health

We do things that we are not aware of that cause not nice things to us, especially in our finances.

The actual problem is that many people don’t see that they have unhealthy habits. They see it as something they simply do, it’s part of their personality, and they can’t do something about it.

Living paycheck to paycheck without any regard for the amount of money you spend is such a negative habit anyone should remove from their lives.

Smoking is also costly. You pay an average of €8 for a pack of cigarettes, which can be up to €250 per month just for smoking when you smoke a pack a day.


Buying coffee every time you go to work may cost you a lot of money without thinking about it.


There is nothing wrong with eating out with your friends or with your family as long as you do it for pleasure and not as a habit.

Eating Out

Invest in a good water bottle or water jug as they say it, and bring your water.

Bottled Water

Most costs come from binge drinking, so a person ends up in the hospital because they drunk too much.


Know your stopping point. Only go in with the money you are willing to lose, and don’t take any extra cash out.


People feel that they have to buy something, especially when they feel sad, bored, or something along those lines.

(Online) Shopping

If you’re spending most of the year going tanning, the risks drastically go up!


Speeding is not only expensive when you get tickets, but it’s also accounting for a major amount of additional costs.


TV and social media can affect you by watching the commercials, causing you to buy things you usually wouldn’t buy.

TV & Social Media