10 Best Cheap Furniture Stores To Get Quality Furniture For Less

The cost of furnishing any space depends on where you source the furniture. Finding the best cheap furniture stores will substantially reduce the cost of furnishing your house  or apartment.

It’s all about knowing where to look to get the best deal on furniture prices. Let’s talk about some other cheap furniture stores (that won’t skimp you on quality either).

Overstock have featured sales that go on daily but they also have their Club O rewards program that you can utilize to potentially take more money off your purchase down the line.

1. Overstock

IKEA has TONS of categories of products, that’s for sure. Mostly, we are interested in furniture and they offer affordable options in the different categories.


Weekends Only is exactly what the name sounds like. They are only open on the weekends from Friday to Sunday to keep their costs low so they can keep their  prices low.

3. Weekends Only

Big Lots has such great deals that it is one of the number 1 spots for those who do retail arbitrage to buy items from to resell on eBay  and Amazon.

4. Big Lots

Are you the type of person who can’t make it through Target without blowing all your money? If you are on the lookout for cheap furniture options, going to the store might not fly.

5. Target

10 Best Cheap Furniture Stores To Get Quality Furniture  For Less