The 15 Wealthiest Women In The World: Can You Guess Who Made The Cut?

Women have worked really hard for their position in society. So, it’s important to recognize and cheer for women who make it to the list of the world’s richest people.

Here are the 15 wealthiest women in the world.

1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

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L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers has been on top of the list for three years in a row. The French billionaire has an estimated net worth of $80.5 billion.

Her mother, Liliane Bettencourt, first held the title “richest woman” before she died in 2018. L’Oreal was founded by her grandfather.

2. Julia Koch

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Second on the list is Julia Koch who is the widow of philanthropist David Koch. Owning a 42% stake in Koch Industries, she has a net worth of $59 billion.

Koch Industries is the second-largest privately-owned company in the US.

3. Alice Walton

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Alice Walton is the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. Her net worth is estimated to be $56.7 billion.

She was named the wealthiest woman in the world in 2020 before Bettencourt Meyers took over.

4. Jacqueline Mars

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Jacqueline Mars comes in fourth with a net worth estimate of $38.3 billion.

She owns one-third of her grandfather’s candy and pet food company Mars Incorporated. She was president from 1982 to 2001. Mars is the producer of M&Ms, Snickers, and Pedigree.

5. Miriam Adelson

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After her husband, Sheldon Adelson, died in 2021, Miriam Adelson inherited the stake at Las Vegas Sands, giving her a net worth of $35 billion.

She is a major shareholder at the largest casino operator in the US and is also a medical doctor. Adelson has been an active supporter of drug discovery and medical research.

6. Rafaela Aponte-Diamant

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Italian shipping magnate Rafaela Aponte-Diamant is a new name added to the top 10 list of the wealthiest women in the world.

This self-made billionaire is the co-founder of one of the world’s largest shipping companies, MSC. Aponte-Diamant’s net worth stands at $31.2 billion.

7. Susanne Klatten

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Susanne Klatten is a German billionaire who owns 19% of the auto company BMW and the chemical company Altana. She has a net worth of approximately $27.4 billion.

BMW and Altana are companies she inherited from her father and grandfather, respectively.

8. Gina Rinehart

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Joining the ranks of women billionaires is Gina Rinehart, with a net worth of $27 billion.

Rinehart is the heiress of the late Lang Hancock, founder of the mining and agriculture conglomerate Hancock Prospecting Group.

9. MacKenzie Scott

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MacKenzie Scott is not only known as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife but also the most powerful woman in the world and one of the most active philanthropists.

She has donated more than $14 billion to different charitable organizations since their divorce in 2019. She owns 4% of Amazon, and her net worth stands at $24.4 billion.

10. Iris Fontbona

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The tenth spot belongs to Chilean mining and beverages empress Iris Fontbona. With a net worth of $23.1 billion, she is the richest woman in Latin America.

Apart from a mining company, she also owns a stake in the holding company, Quiñenco.

11. Abigail Johnson

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Abigail Johnson is the CEO of Fidelity Investments, which her grandfather Edward Johnson II founded in 1946. She has been chair of the investment management giant since 2014 after joining in 1988.

She first worked as an analyst and rose to the ranks, became president, eventually took over the chairmanship for her father in 2014, and became CEO in 2016. Her current net worth is currently estimated at $21.6 billion.

12. Savitri Jindal

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Recognized as the wealthiest woman in India, Savitri Jindal, chairman of Jindal Group, currently has a net worth of $17.5 billion.

Jindal Group, founded by her late husband, Om Prakash Jindal, is an infrastructure company now divided among the four Jindal sons.

13. Vicky Safra

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Vicky Safra is a Greek-born philanthropist who has a net worth of $16.7 billion. She and her sons manage the banking giant Safra Group.

They took over the leadership after her husband, founder Joseph Safra died in 2020. The company is also in the business of real estate.

14. Renata Kellnerova

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Renata Kellnerova and her sons head PFF group, a telecommunications, media, real estate, and investment conglomerate.

She also chairs The Kellner Family Foundation, which provides funding for education-based organizations and activities. Renata Kellnerova currently holds the title “Richest Person in the Czech Republic.”

15. Beate Heister

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Then we have the supermarket magnate Beate Heister.

She is the daughter of Aldi founder Karl Albrecht, Sr. Beate Heister’s net worth is at $17.4 billion as of late. Her brother is also on the billionaire’s list.

This list shows that wealth knows no gender. Women are capable of managing businesses, growing entities, and penetrating a world predominantly ruled by men.

We now live in a world where to be a woman means to be empowered. Women can work alongside men, thrive, make a name for themselves, and even leave legacies of their own. 

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