People Are Convinced Everybody is Actually Faking Their Hatred for These 16 ‘Controversial’ Things. Are You Guilty Too?

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The world is dominated by contrasting opinions, strong notions against one thing can lead to a wave of hatred that many people like to take part in. From music choices to food favorites, you can be criticized and even canceled just for supporting what the majority believe is wrong. Are they just misguided? Are they … Read more

13 Best Paying Jobs That Hire The Dumbest People, According to The Internet

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We want a world where every job likes and brings in people with different talents and qualifications. But, in reality, things are often more complicated. Some people hold opinions about certain professions that require less intellectual knowledge or qualifications than others. Here are the 13 dumbest jobs—do you agree?  1. Sheriff’s Dept Employees This man … Read more

16 People Are Accusing Adults Who Reportedly “Ruined” These Cherished Kid Things

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Youth sports have seen significant changes over the years. It was all about having a few practices and a fun game on weekends. Kids would play with their friends without pressure. Nowadays, young athletes often find themselves caught up in back-to-back tournaments and practices, leaving little room for spontaneous play. We explore the ways in … Read more