Relentless Boss Called 21 Calls While She Knows Employee’s Daughter Is Getting Hospitalized

We’ve all heard stories about demanding bosses, but what happens when their behavior turns into harassment, especially during a family emergency?

An employee tells a story that makes you wonder because their boss called them more than 21 times when they were in the hospital. Let me explain what happened.

Their Child Had A Life-Threatening Emergency

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An assistant manager for a major chain found themselves in a challenging and emotionally charged situation when their child experienced a life-threatening emergency. 

They Called Their Boss, Waiting On The Ambulance

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They did what any parent would do in such a situation – they notified their boss, the store manager, about the circumstances. and informed them that they wouldn’t be able to make their shift. Because they were waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

They Couldn’t Bring Their Phone

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The situation took an unexpected turn when the assistant manager, during their child’s hospitalization, could not have their phone with them. This is in compliance with hospital rules related to psychiatric issues. 

That’s When They Saw The Missed Calls

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Roughly eight hours later, when checking their phone, they were astounded to find that their boss had called them 21 times in a span of just under two hours. 

The tone of one of the text messages from the manager read, “I’m going to keep calling until I hear from you.”

The Situation Got Incredibly Tense

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This situation has sparked significant discussion, and it’s no surprise. The assistant manager’s anger and offense are understandable; they were going through an incredibly stressful time, and the repeated phone calls from their manager could be seen as intrusive and disrespectful of their situation.

They Had Absolutely Zero Empathy

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The subsequent text exchange between the assistant manager and their boss reveals a lack of empathy and understanding from the latter. The boss’s response, “I can’t read your mind to know what’s going on unless you let me know!!!” reflects a perspective that doesn’t acknowledge the gravity of the situation or the importance of respecting personal boundaries, especially during a family crisis.

Here’s How People Responded

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People quickly shared their thoughts and empathetic support for the user’s predicament. They expressed their outrage at the boss’s actions, with one user noting that if the boss had the time to make 21 calls, they certainly weren’t too busy to deal with the situation on their own. 

Others speculated that the boss may fear losing control, which could be more concerning than just an excessive workload.

Other People Also Experienced Lack of Empathy in the Workplace

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Another user shared a personal experience of being called in on their day off due to their boss’s inability to handle the situation without them, pointing out that they had to work on a long weekend, showcasing the lack of empathy and understanding prevalent in some workplaces.

You Have To Be An Understanding Manager

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This story underscores the need for empathy in the workplace, particularly when employees are dealing with personal crises. In such moments, a supportive and understanding approach from management can make a significant difference. A simple message to check on the well-being of the employee and a reminder that they can take all the time they need can go a long way in demonstrating empathy.

Harassment in the Workplace

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It’s important to understand that excessive calls and messages during a family emergency are not just annoying but can be considered harassment. Employees have rights to privacy and time off to deal with personal crises. If your boss’s actions cross the line, it’s crucial to know that there are steps you can take to address the situation.

Seeking Legal Action

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If you find yourself in a similar situation, it may be wise to contact your company’s HR department and document the harassment. Depending on the severity, it could even be a case for legal action. Laws regarding employment and harassment can vary, but employees should never be subjected to unwarranted distress during a family emergency.

They Ended Up Resigning

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In response to the situation, the assistant manager decided to resign, stating, “I turned my keys in.” Their actions reflect the prioritization of their child’s well-being and their refusal to be subjected to harassment during an already overwhelming time in their life.

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