14 Specific Groups of People Society Has Absolutely No Sympathy For

In an ideal world, everyone will be kind to one another, and there will always be a helping hand available when you need it. The painful truth is that life can be cruel, and the world can be made of people who are waiting to take advantage of you.

Here are 14 groups of people who are known to be dubious in their deeds, and you would have no sympathy for them. 

1. Predators and Offenders

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Whether the victims are children or women, predators, and offenders are unforgivable, both serial and non-serial offenders. Many believe that these fantasies are normal, but people who act on every fantasy on a whim are scary and dangerous.

These people are heartless and often don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

2. People Who Harm Animals

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From poachers to animal abusers, these kinds of people are in a league of their own.

Many people are curious if there should be an established line between what’s abusive and what’s accepted as just preparing for food.

Some even jokingly said that if all animals are considered in this case, all people who are not vegan are part of this group, which is the majority of the population. Yikes.

3. Abusive Parents

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Parents play the most important role in the lives of their kids. They influence how their kids grow up and mature into their own identities.

Many understand that abusive parents are most probably abused as kids, too, but it’s time to stop the cycle. If you are in the same circumstance, you can stop this toxic cycle.

4. Drunk Drivers

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Drunk drivers consciously endanger people’s lives just because they can. The selfishness and lack of accountability are so evident that many have no sympathy for them at all.

Someone noted that graveyards always have mothers, fathers, children, and siblings who lost their lives because of reckless people like drunk drivers. 

6. Televangelists

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Many consider televangelists as robbers who use religion as a way to steal from people. Worse, they often target elderly and vulnerable people who cling to faith in their low points.

And these “robbers” would ride their private jets using the life savings of their victims. That’s a definition of a new low. 

7. The Willfully Ignorant

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This group of people is difficult to describe, but many refer to them as those who choose to refuse learning or expanding their perspectives.

They often try to play safe and say that they don’t have opinions about specific topics because they don’t know anything about them. The truth is that they chose to not know. Ignorance is bliss, right?

8. People Who Participate in Competitive Suffering

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Competitive suffering is when a group of people joins violent conflicts to prove that the group is a victim and has suffered more than the other group.

Many are not particularly familiar with the term, but once they know about its definition, they often hate these people who play the victim when they are the ones who choose the consequences of their actions. 

9. People Who Hurt the Elderly

Happy Old Couple Sitting On Sofa

There was a time in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when the elderly became the target of some people’s aggression, and the real question is why?

Just because the elderly are vulnerable and weak doesn’t mean people should show power to feel good about themselves. It’s incredibly heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. Just imagine that your grandmother is targeted by these people… What will you do?

10. Catalytic Converter Thieves

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Bad people have become creative in their ways to take advantage of people. Even cars are targeted nowadays, especially with how expensive parts have become.

And many see catalytic converters to be the focus of their crime. Stealing this part of the car can setback anyone, from their finances to their schedules. 

11. Nazis 

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While they may be long gone, Nazis remain to be a group that’s impossible to have sympathy for. And since the KKK still lives in the present, it’s not surprising that many still consider this group a danger to society.

Some even believe that this should be the first one that comes to mind when talking about unforgivable groups of people. 

12. Kardashians

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Image Credit: PopularImages/Depositphotos.

They’re no Nazis, but many find this family annoying to a fault.

With all their drama laid out for everyone to see, the Kardashians are impossible to avoid on TV or the internet. Maybe internet detox is the key. 

13. People Who Type by Capitalizing Every Word

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People have different ways of typing, from those who go screaming with ALL CAPS to those who can’t seem to use any punctuation mark.

Many people consider those who capitalize every word in their sentence annoyingly petty. It might be a small thing, but it’s still irritating. 

14. Celebrities Who Preach About Global Warming but Fly Everywhere in Their Private Jets

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Celebrities and politicians are often vocal about many causes. While they may have good intentions, some do not do what they preach.

Who would believe celebrities siding with those rallying against global warming when they have their private jets and carbon footprints all over the map? 

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