What Will Twitter look Like Under Elon Musk?


Nearing the Finish Line Twitter (TWTR) has agreed to be acquired by Elon Musk, a deal that has sent shockwaves throughout the financial and tech sectors. The announcement came just 11 days after his takeover bid was first announced. The world’s richest man and Tesla (TSLA) CEO will now look to take charge of the influential social media platform. Word broke late last week that Musk put together $46.5 billion in financing as a means of getting the deal done. Sources report that Twitter’s board met this past … Read more

Crypto Coin Versus Token: 5 Key Differences

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Cryptocurrency has grown to a global market value of USD$1,782 billion as of 2021 since its introduction in 2008. This indicates the influx of people showing interest in the industry.  However, because cryptocurrency is still new and everyone is rushing to leverage its promising benefits, people often mix up terms used to define the different digital assets. An example of this is how the terms crypto coin and tokens are used interchangeably.   At their core, both crypto coins and tokens are much alike. They’re both used to represent … Read more

7 Reasons Why Teaching English Could Be The Perfect Career For You

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For those unfamiliar with the term, someone who TEFLs is someone who teaches English as a foreign language. It’s likely that you already know a bit about it. But do you know just how many great opportunities it can provide you with? Can anyone who’s fluent in English can TEFL? That you can qualify and begin teaching English Online within 6 months or less after enrolling on a course?  There are many reasons why TEFL is the perfect job for many. If you think you possess the qualities … Read more

How To Build Your Own Retirement Plan

How To Build Your Own Retirement Plan

The decision to work for yourself gives you a great amount of agency. Instead of relying on the decision-makers in someone else’s business, you can choose how you want to run things. You decide how your work day looks, when to take time off, and when to retire. However, this also means that you need to make plans that would otherwise be taken care of by a company. A retirement plan is one such matter. Typical employment packages include a 401(k), which automatically takes a portion of your … Read more

Financial Tips for Freelancers

Financial Tips for Freelancers

With the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more workers are going remote — and still others have decided life is too short to spend working for someone else, and have decided to become their own bosses. Being a freelance worker has a lot of perks — you make your own hours, work in your pajamas if you want (depending on the job!) and generally enjoy a lot more freedom than someone working a regular 9 to 5. But it’s hardly sunshine and roses all the … Read more

How To Find A Good Alternative To AdSense

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Google’s AdSense is far from the end-all-be-all of earning with ads. Its simple setup and ‘hands-off’ experience is a win for new bloggers but quickly becomes a hindrance when it’s time to increase earnings.   As you pour more time and effort into growing your blog, you would expect its revenue to grow with it. Sadly, for a publisher only using AdSense, this isn’t the case. But you deserve it! And I want to help you get there. So if you’ve outgrown AdSense or just want to diversify your … Read more

Why Financial Freedom is Different from Financial Independence

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For many, financial independence and financial freedom are the same things. But it’s safe to say that most of those thinking like that are quite far from achieving any of the aforementioned statuses.  Overall, one couldn’t say they know exactly what financial freedom is all about until they experience it. On the other hand, financial independence is something most, if not all of us experience throughout our lives, especially from the moment we get our hands on a high-paying job. Without any further ado, let’s take a look … Read more

Most Successful Business Ventures from Former College Football Stars

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Finding a place on an NFL roster and earning a long-term, big-money contract is the height of success in professional football. But for a college football star to land such a deal, they first have to make it through the NCAA. Along the way, they’ll make plenty of money—but all of it goes to their school.  Most universities make hundreds of millions from football programs, drawing revenue from sold-out stadiums, big-brand sponsorships, and broadcasting rights. Overseen by the NCAAF, college football programs also stand to make huge sums … Read more