Are You Normalizing These 10 Harmful Behaviors Without Even Realizing It?

I recently saw this question online, “What’s something people should stop normalizing?” 

What gets called normal but actually isn’t? Can you think of something you believed was different? Check out the most popular answers.

1. Filming Your Kids for Content 

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The most upvoted comment on the topic is filming your kids for content. Another individual added that “for content” is the most important part. Capturing memories to relive forever is not the same as trying to profit off the innocence of a child.

A third elaborated that the law has to catch up. Child labor laws exist for films and television but do not cover social media. It is important to note that children deserve privacy and protection from exploitation, and extending laws to social media is a necessary step toward achieving this goal.

2. The Low-Beam Headlights of Cars

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It is important to consider the potential negative effects of using low-beam headlights that are too bright. While the intention may be to increase safety for the driver, it can actually have a detrimental effect on other drivers on the road. 

The brightness of the headlights can cause temporary blindness and make it difficult for other drivers to see, which can increase the risk of accidents. It is important to balance visibility and safety for all drivers on the road.

3. Killing Yourself for a Job

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Killing yourself for a job that will replace you in a heartbeat, added one Reddit user. Many users agreed and shared their experiences. 

For example, Martian confirmed this by saying it is surprising that older generations criticize Millennials and Gen Z for striving for better work ethics, considering the physical toll that some jobs can take on young workers. For instance, working in fast food for only a few years can lead to back problems at a young age, as they did for Martian. Despite the risks, some individuals, like Martian’s mother, prioritize their work over their health, leading to hospitalization and burnout in this case.

4. Tipping Staff

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Chris added tipping to the list. He explained that it’s so out of hand now. If tipping weren’t a thing, then places that require it for their staff’s survival would either go out of business, which they should in Chris his opinion, or just pay their employees a livable wage.

Many people in this thread agreed that the workers should have a livable wage paid by their employer and that tipping is for those who go above and beyond. Not that you have to tip because you would feel guilty otherwise. 

5. Treating Workers in General Like Trash

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This comment started by saying; treating healthcare workers like trash. Then retail workers, teachers, and food service workers got added by others. The people in the thread decided it wasn’t people but “just service industry workers.” 

Someone added that people often need to feel superior, and looking down on others became the thing to do. They still hope it will continue fading because it isn’t helpful to anybody. 

6. Behaving Like a ‘Badass Woman’

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This Reddit user stated “badass female” behavior. Stop. Bring back class, kindness, humility, service, maturity, generosity.” 

Another individual shared that they serve at a restaurant, and every weekend they get those tables of specific women who think they’re a badass woman, but they’re just rude and think demanding is being a boss. We highly recommend you don’t do that to people.

7. Being Proud of Overworking Yourself

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One Reddit user shared that people should stop normalizing being proud of overworking themselves. You should take care of yourself and your needs. 

A second added that work-life balance culture should be much better. Working to the point of exhaustion is not a badge of honor; it’s a weight getting heavier on your shoulders. Listen to yourself, your body, and your mind; you should be fine. 

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Isaga mentioned not getting enough sleep. A second acknowledged this and added that they believe that the current trend of competing over who got the least amount of sleep is concerning. 

For example, instead of simply responding to someone’s statement of only getting four hours of sleep with a similar anecdote, we should ask them how they are feeling and check in more. It is important to prioritize our mental and physical health over societal pressures and expectations.

9. Thinking You Always Need to Be Productive

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The most harmful thing these days is the idea that you always need to be productive, replied one user of Reddit. Guess what? You don’t. 

Another Redditor fully agreed with this and shared their experience. When they were growing up in the 80s, they waited all week for the weekend to come. There was nothing you had to do. You lazed about the house and relaxed for much of the day. Sure, there were chores, but they made up an insignificant portion of your weekend.

10. Taking Sides When People Divorce

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The last top-voted comment on this thread about harmful things that are normalized is the public spectacle of divorces. It is no one’s business. It is surprising to see people taking sides when it doesn’t impact their lives.

Divorce is a deeply personal and emotional experience for those involved, and it can be difficult to navigate without the added scrutiny of the public eye. While some high-profile divorces may attract media attention, it is important to remember that the individuals going through this process deserve privacy and respect.

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