Monthly Report December 2020 – €1802 Extra Income

What will you read in my December 2020 monthly report? We will go into December expenses, December passive + side hustle income, and December goals. 

Every month, I’m publishing my income and expenses here. It is a great way to keep me accountable to track my journey to financial independence. Even though I love working on my finances, it is a great way to keep monitoring them. Do you want to read the reports of my past months? See my past monthly reports here.

December went by fast. Again. The rules got stricter. Again. The holidays went by, and I didn’t visit my family for Christmas due to the restrictions and the fact that I needed to be on public transport for two hours to see them. 

It wasn’t terrible, actually. Instead of the stressful Christmas days and celebrations, it was a lot more chill and relaxed.

Highlights of my December month:

💸 Expenses of €2,028

👉 53% savings rate

🌟 Extra income of €1821

💰 25% to FIRE

December Expenses

Here you can find the details of my December costs: 

December gives me a monthly savings rate of 53%. I prepaid my health insurance for 2021, so my expenses are higher this month, and my savings rate is lower. I was planning for it, and I knew this expense was coming. My year to date savings rate is 76%, which is above my yearly goal of 75%. 

December Income

Here is a breakdown of income per source:

HoneyGain (earn money by sharing your internet connection)€19
Reselling & Flipping€3
Funding Circle€44.36%
Total€1821P2P: 8.99%

Let’s get into my passive income, side hustle earnings, and my other income for the month.

December Passive Income

With passive income, you can make money without putting any hours of work in. My peer-to-peer investments and quarterly dividends currently provide me with passive income.

Do you want to start investing in peer-to-peer platforms? Check out which P2P platforms give a sign-up or cashback bonus!

In December, I got €121 in passive income. Here is a breakdown of that:

Note: I’m not a financial advisor, and I’m not giving financial advice. I’m only telling you what steps I take. A significant part of my investment portfolio is peer-to-peer lending or crowdlending, which means higher risk and higher return. 

Many peer-to-peer platforms have had some coronavirus difficulties at the beginning of the year. Now, most of the projects are restarted or refunded. It is essential to know the risks of peer-to-peer lending before you start investing. 


Portfolio Value: €3,545

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 9.57%

Passive Income: €42

Crowdestor is my biggest peer-to-peer platform at the moment. Their payments flute, since the projects I’ve invested in pay irregularly. In addition to that, there are some late projects due to

I currently invested €3,545, which has yielded me €42. That’s a 9.57% XIRR, which I am very content with. I will continue to diversify among platforms and rebalance. 

Check out my Crowdestor review 🔥 for more detailed info.


Portfolio Value: €1,498

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 11.66%

Passive Income: €10

Mintos is currently one of Europe’s biggest peer-to-peer platforms, making it a great platform to start building up your passive income streams. 

Mintos is a great place to invest if you know which loan originators to choose from. I currently have €1,498 invested with Mintos. That gave me €10 passive income in December, an 11.66% average annual interest rate. 

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Portfolio Value: €1,206

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 8.59%

Passive Income: €6.92

EstateGuru is one of the biggest real estate crowdfunding platforms in Europe at the moment. They lower the barrier to invest in real estate, as you can start investing from €50. 

EstateGuru is my favorite real estate crowdfunding platform at the moment. I’m slowly adding more money to the platform month over month.

Currently, I have €1,206 invested in EstateGuru, with a €7 return. That’s an average return of 8.59%. 

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Funding Circle

Portfolio Value: €565.44

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 4.36%

Passive Income: €3.71

Funding Circle was the first crowdlending platform I invested in back in 2018. Their returns aren’t great, and they have no buyback guarantee.

All the other platforms I have mentioned have a far greater risk-reward ratio, so check them out instead.

🔥 I have a list of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms that I recommend. 


Portfolio Value: €98

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 6.18%

Passive Income: €0.57

A year ago, I started investing with Reinvest24, a real estate investment platform that allows me to invest relatively low amounts. I like that they pay a yield plus capital gains when you sell like you’re receiving monthly rental income. 

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December Goals

  • Optimize mobile site speed – FAIL. I’ve tried to optimize my site speed over the last weeks. However, there are a couple of technical problems that I have to solve. It will take time, and the goal is still on my radar. 
  • Work ahead two weeks in posts – FAIL. I’ve been very demotivated over the last couple of weeks. I didn’t feel like writing or working on the blog, and I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Please hit me with your motivation tips!
  • Go for a run 5x per week – PASS. I stuck to my run in the first weeks of December. After Christmas, I didn’t run in the mornings, but I still got it done. I’m trying to find a new perfect morning routine to incorporate running and writing before I go and work for my day job. 
  • Write two hours every morning – FAIL. I didn’t write more than one article a week. Some weeks I wrote nothing at all. I’ve decided to take it easy in December and not judge myself for it, so I’m getting back on track with this goal in January. 

January Goals

  • Figure out a new morning routine.
  • Read 10 pages daily.
  • Work ahead two weeks in posts.
  • Go for a run 5x per week. 
  • Write two hours every morning – trying to get back in the habit. 

How was your December? Let me know below!

Monthly Report December 2020 €1802 Extra Income
Monthly Report December Extra Income