Swagbucks vs. Survey Junkie: Which Survey Site Should You Join?

Woman Wearing Glasses Holding Phone Focused

“What do you think?” Answer that question and get paid for your opinion. Sounds like a good gig? Let’s check out which of the 2 most popular survey apps will prevail in this face-off: Swagbucks vs. Survey Junkie.  Welcome to the world of online survey sites. Nowadays, making money from answering surveys or participating in paid focus groups remotely has been a legitimate income source for many. While you won’t get rich overnight doing online surveys, it’s an easy way to earn extra money in your spare time.  … Read more

How to Start A Business Without Quitting Your Job – 7 Steps To Start

How To Start A Business Without Quitting Your Job - 7 Steps To Start

You feel like you want to start a business, but you’re not ready not quit your job yet? No problem! In this article, you will read more about how to start an awesome business without quitting your job! 7 areas of focus for your up and coming business, so you can start a business from home, start a business with no money. It can all be done, by starting today!

20 Best Tips On How to Double Your Money in a Day Quickly

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Everybody wants to earn quick bucks, right? But do you know there are ways to make twice as much as your current cash within 24 hours? Read on to learn how to double your money in a day. When inflation hits, you would want to find a more effective investment strategy. Your paycheck may not be enough, so you would want to have more investment options and double your money faster. But how can you do it? It largely depends on your risk tolerance and hustle efforts.  Doubling … Read more

$21 An Hour Is How Much A Year? Tips & Tricks To Live On It

$21 An Hour Is How Much A Year Tips & Tricks To Live On It

$21 an hour is how much a year? Is it a living wage? This article will share some tips and tricks on making it work with $21 an hour. Making a living is an essential part of our lives. We need to earn money to live and support our day-to-day needs.  But do you know how much you truly make? Is your paycheck during your workweek sufficient to meet your needs, or do you need to ask for a raise? Being a salaried employee helps you have a … Read more

$35,000 Per Year Is How Much an Hour? Know Your Hourly Rate

$35,000 Per Year Is How Much An Hour

Is $35,000 a year a sound amount as your living wage? Does having this amount as an annual pay enough? Is this aligned with fair labor standards nowadays? Let’s figure this out. A salaried employee usually earns wages based on a pay rate as part of their remuneration package. Depending on the hours worked, salaried employees working on an hourly pay structure can have different weekly pays based on the number of hours worked during the workweek or pay period. You can get paid depending on all hours … Read more

The 22 Best Websites To Sell Stuff Locally in 2023

The 22 Best Websites To Sell Stuff Locally

Are you looking for websites and apps to sell stuff locally? We have the list. The Internet is the biggest marketplace you can ever go to purchase goods and services with a few steps to follow, and voila! If you are clearing up your home, it’s in your best interest to properly get rid of unwanted and preloved items by selling. Think about if you sold these items: you get paid and have more space in your home.  This is another way to earn extra income. But how … Read more

35 Trending Hobbies That Make Money – Best Ways to Make $1,000+

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What’s your hobby? Do you know you can turn your favorite activity into a money-making venture? Let’s find out the best hobbies that make money!  Blogger-psychiatrist Scott Alexander said, “Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have beautifully.” When you enjoy doing something, it’s a bonus if you earn from it. Conversely, if your hobby is making money, it can help you acquire things needed for other favorite activities.  This article will focus on various hobbies that can earn you extra money as … Read more

20 Ways To Make Money Online

20 Ways To Make Money Online

In today’s competitive market, finding a 9-5 job has gotten a lot harder than it used to be. That’s primarily because of an excess of skilled employees and limited positions to be filled.  The situation has inspired people looking to make money and find alternatives to generate an income from the comfort of their homes. So, we have compiled some of the most effective and easy ways to make money online to help you get started on your path to success! 1. Freelancing One of the best ways … Read more

$50,000 Per Year Is How Much An Hour? – [Your Guide To Hourly Salary]

$50,000 Per Year Is How Much An Hour [Your Guide To Hourly Salary]

Earning $50,000 a year seems to be a lot of money. But is this enough? Do you know $50,000 per year is how much an hour? Dig more into the article to find out! When looking for a job or a side hustle, it’s not always about your total salary. It’s great to know the gross annual pay, but did you know that it’s always best to look into your hourly rates? This can not only help you determine whether your job is worth it or not but, … Read more