Festivals and Relaxation: June Monthly Report

Are you curious about how my June was? Go through this June monthly report and learn everything about my savings, spending, and passive income.

Apparently, we’re already halfway done with the year – I can’t believe how fast the time is going. This month was mostly going to a lot of festivals, concerts, and celebrating a lot of birthdays. June is always the month where everybody is the most active in the Netherlands. My friends want to meet, celebrate their birthdays, go out in the nice weather, go to music festivals or concerts, and more. 

I enjoy being outside in summer, a lot. I would love to live in a place where I could go out every day of the year and it would be a nice temperature. That would be something to strive for. They say the Netherlands will have a Mediterranean climate by 2050, let’s hope it won’t get that far!

June Outings

June outings included a Phil Collins concert, which surprised me with how good he can still sing. I also went to a Guus Meeuwis concert for Mother’s Day, he’s a Dutch singer and my mom loves him. Then over the past 6 days, I’ve been to Belgium, going to the Rock Werchter music festival. My favorite performances there include P!NK (by far the most favorite), Muse, Paul Kalkbrenner, Lizzo, Florence + The Machine, Bastille, Macklemore, and many more. 

Lots of music outings in June. I love going to festivals and concerts, the atmosphere is so relaxed and everyone is super hyped all day every day. If you’re going to a multi-day festival, you’re camping with really basic facilities and no electricity. This means I didn’t use my smartphone at all – which was good. I enjoy staying in touch, but it can be good at times to be completely cut-off from the outside world and live in your own bubble. 

June also included a super relaxing spa day with my best friend. We’re always gifting each other a spa day when one of us has our birthday, meaning it was my turn now. We went and relaxed all day in the sauna, jacuzzi, and more of that goodness. Besides that, a lot of my friends had their birthdays, which means lots of parties. 

I love seeing my friends and I also appreciate quality time with myself to do things I really enjoy. June was a nice balance of the two. 

Let’s get into my savings, income, and other monthly numbers!

June Financial Update

Luckily I paid for all my concerts and festivals way ahead, so it feels like I didn’t spend that month this month. It’s a bit of a skewed view, as for example, the Rock Werchter tickets alone were a little under €300, but let’s keep things consistent. 

The overview of my June 2019 spending:

Festivals, Birthdays, and Relaxation June Financial Report

A short breakdown:

  • 280€ rent and utilities
  • 85€ gifts and giving
  • 34,76€ groceries – I haven’t been home a lot
  • 27€ concerts

This means that in June I have a savings rate of 78.46%! My YTD savings rate is currently 79.69%, let’s see if I can get it to 80% before I ruin all the numbers by going on my mini-retirement. 

Average savings rate over 2019:

Festivals, Birthdays, and Relaxation June Financial Report

In my May monthly report, I told you that I needed an extra €6.300 in June-July-August, which means that I have €4.600 left for July and August to get to my monthly goal of 60% savings rate for the year. 

I’ve sold some things, but they’ve only accounted for €25 for June. I will step up my game in July and try to make some more extra income selling things. 

Passive Income

I’m trying to increase my passive income by focusing more on Peer-to-Peer investing. Since May last year, I’m already investing in Peer-to-Peer lending, but recently I’ve stepped up my game. 

I’m invested now with Mintos and Grupeer, and for diversification purposes, I will find one or two additional ones.

Grupeer income June: €2,47

Mintos income June: €6,92

Investing Circle income June: €34,41

Total passive income: €43,80, which is 2.13% of my June income.

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June Goals Review

  • Get 5% of my income from passive sources – FAIL. For June, I had 2.13% of my income coming from passive sources. Let’s double it for July!
  • Read through all posts for spelling and grammar – FAIL. I keep procrastinating this, let’s do it for July!!
  • Figure out how to distribute email opt-in series – FAIL. I haven’t even looked at it once, perhaps I need to print out my goals so that I am reminded of them throughout the month. 
  • Get 1100 followers on Pinterest – if you haven’t followed me yet you can do so herePASS. A goal that I passed, yay me!
  • Read 2 books – PASS. I’ve read two Dutch books in June, one with short stories and the other one was more a scientific approach to money. 
  • Work out 3x per week – PASS. I’ve really tried my best for this one. I like to stick to my fitness goals, I feel better when I’m more active. 

July Goals 

  • Get 5% of my income from passive sources
  • Read through all posts for spelling and grammar – I need to do it one day!
  • Figure out how to distribute email opt-in series 
  • Get 1200 followers on Pinterest – if you haven’t followed me yet you can do so here
  • Work out 2x per week
  • Sell €30 of stuff on eBay

I would love to have your feedback on my reports, are there any numbers that you would like to see added? Are there any other things that you’re missing?

How was your June?

6 thoughts on “Festivals and Relaxation: June Monthly Report”

  1. Wow!

    You had pretty amazing savings rate, even with all the festivals and partying. I have to ask, what do you eat mostly?

    I had suprisingly high expenses in June for myself. More than 1500 euros, I cannot believe how much it was.. When I wrote the blog post about it, I decided that next month I won’t make myself look like a fool in FIRE-community 🙂 In nordics, people are also very active in the summer months. I hop

  2. Thank you Erik, I have to say that I’ve paid for all those concerts in advance – so they’re not taken into account in this month’s expenses.
    Regarding food, I’ve written this article recently: How To Spend Less Than $70 A Month On Groceries, so you can see some of my tips and what I eat there. What I eat mostly is oatmeal for breakfast, lunch is veggies with wraps, and dinner is veggies with pasta/rice/couscous!
    Do you also celebrate midsummer night? That would be amazing to experience in the nordics once 😀

  3. Ah yes, that explains a lot! And not eating meat is cheap of course.

    Yes, midsummer parties are always crazy out here! We call it “nightless night” because the sun does not go down almost at all 🙂

  4. Thanks B for your encouraging words! A lot of my friends also have seen them in Nijmegen, they said it was one of the greatest performances they’ve seen. I would have to agree, they are such good performers and artists! Although Rock Werchter was more expensive, around 250€ for the ticket and adding food and drinks, I don’t regret it one bit!

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