Income Report March 2021 – $2,030 Extra Income

What will you read in my March 2021 income report? We will go into March passive + side hustle income and April goals. 

Here I’m publishing my progress to financial independence and keep me accountable. Do you want to read the reports of my past months? See my past monthly reports here.

March was an exciting month. I’ve got another job, and I’m starting the first week of May. I got another very decent increase in income, and I’m excited to switch. More exciting projects, more challenging work, and a faster trajectory to financial freedom.

I can work from home half of the week, which would free up time to work on the things I’m passionate about, like this platform. The more time I’ll spend on it, the more joy I experience. 

Here are the highlights of my March month:

👉 76% savings rate

🌟 Extra income of $2,030

💰 29% to FIRE

March Income

Here is a breakdown of income per source:

SourceIncomeAnnual Return (XIRR)
Testing Website$18
Reselling & Flipping$5
Funding Circle$44.11%
Total$2,030P2P: 11.78%

Let’s get into my side hustle earnings, passive income, and my other income for the month.

March Side Hustle Income

Over the last couple of months, side hustle income has increased. I’ve focused on growing this platform, and I can see the results from that. 

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, I’d recommend you try it out. It’s not a way to get rich quickly, but it’s a great way to build up extra income over time. 

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One of the reasons I’ve been able to grow my side hustle income since the summer is the Insiders Program. This group of highly motivated bloggers teaches you exactly how to rank in Google and grow your blog.

I genuinely love this program, and I believe it’s a big part of why I’ve been able to snowball. They currently offer a 3-month trial for just $1, where you can experience firsthand how much value it can bring to your platform. 

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How To Earn Extra Income

At the moment, I focus my energy on growing this site. However, I had a lot of different side hustles and ways to make extra money. Here are my biggest tips for you:

  • Check here for 40+ side hustle ideas that can make you thousands of extra bucks per year.
  • There are plenty of jobs that you can do if you need money now and feel like you don’t have time to wait on the opportunities that only pay in a couple of weeks. 
  • If you enjoy writing and flexible work hours, blogging may be for you. Here’s how to start a blog right now and start making money from it next week. It’s cheap to start, and you decide what you want to write. Why not try it and see where it goes. 

March Passive Income

With passive income, you can make money without working. My peer-to-peer investments and quarterly dividends currently provide me with passive income.

Do you want to start investing in peer-to-peer platforms? Check out which P2P platforms currently give a sign-up or cashback bonus!

In March, I got $51 in passive income. Here is a breakdown of that:

Note: I’m not a financial advisor, and I’m not giving financial advice. I’m only telling you what steps I take. A significant part of my investment portfolio is peer-to-peer lending or crowdlending, which means higher risk and higher return. 

It is crucial to know the risks of peer-to-peer lending before you start investing in any of the below platforms. 


Portfolio Value: $4,021

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 12.19%

Passive Income: $31

Crowdestor is the biggest peer-to-peer platform I invest in. Their projects pay irregularly, which explains the differences in the monthly earnings. They still earn me consistent money over time.

Check out my Crowdestor review for more detailed info on the platform and how to invest.


Portfolio Value: $1,832

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 11.48%

Passive Income: $12

Mintos is currently one of Europe’s biggest peer-to-peer platforms, and it’s more reliable than many others. You can start investing from $10, making it the perfect platform to get into peer-to-peer lending. 

It’s important to know which loan originators to choose from to decrease your risk on the platform. 

🔥 If you’re not using Mintos yet, check it out. You can read our Mintos review here, or you can sign up directly.

When you sign up with Mintos using this link, you get a 0.5% extra return on any investments made within the first 90 days!

Try Mintos Now


Portfolio Value: $1,635

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 8.83%

Passive Income: $13

EstateGuru is a prominent real estate crowdfunding platform. They lower the barrier to invest in real estate, as you can start investing from $50. 

EstateGuru is my favorite real estate crowdfunding platform at the moment. I’m slowly adding more money to the platform.

🔥 Sign up using this link to check Estateguru out yourself or read our EstateGuru review!

EstateGuru is currently giving 0.5% cashback to my readers in the first three months if you sign up using my link

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Funding Circle

Portfolio Value: $595

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 4.11%

Passive Income: $4

Funding Circle was the first crowdlending platform I invested in back in 2018. Their returns aren’t great, and they have no buyback guarantee.

All the other platforms I have mentioned have a far greater risk-reward ratio, so check them out instead.

🔥 I have a list of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms that I recommend. 


Portfolio Value: $117

Average Interest Rate (XIRR): 6.18%

Passive Income: $1

A year ago, I started investing with Reinvest24, a real estate investment platform that allows me to invest relatively low amounts. I like that they pay a yield plus capital gains when you sell like you’re receiving monthly rental income. 

🔥 If you want to give Reinvest24 a try, sign up here or check out my complete Reinvest24 review!

Open An Account At Reinvest24

March Goals:

  • Go outside daily  – PASS. The weather is getting better, and I love walking around when it does.
  • Figure out a new morning routine – FAIL. I still haven’t gotten back into my morning routine. I just get up and get going as soon as possible. I want to take some time for myself in the mornings again.
  • Read ten pages daily – PASS. I’ve finished two books in the past month, and I’m currently leading three others. Let’s keep this going!
  • Create a resume printable, where I share what you have to do for your resume to stand out – PASS. I’ve created Radical Resume Success, where I give you the exact template for building a resume that stands out.
  • Rewrite money blueprint – PASS. I’ve updated the ebook I’ve written last year, about how to win the money game.

April Goals:

  • Go outside daily 
  • Figure out a new morning routine
  • Read ten pages daily
  • Work ahead one week in posts
  • Convert Elementor pages to Gutenberg pages

How was your March? Let me know below!

Income Report March 2021 - Radical FIRE