How To Grow Your Email List In 2021 [Effective]

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Do you want to grow your email list? Check out these steps when you’re starting to build your email list!

When you’re just starting out with blogging, everyone starts screaming that you need to build your email list. I get it Bob, no need to be so loud. 

Yeah, your email list is very important. It’s great to have people on your mailing list that you can send your blogs to and they actually want to read them. Magic!

In order to maximize the number of people on your email list, there are 4 steps to grow your email list. 

Let’s go through the steps and help you grow your email list, shall we?

Step 1 – Have A Easy To Navigate Website

When you’re starting out, don’t expect everything to be perfect. Done is better than perfect 99% of the time. 

Set up your website easily with Bluehost and install WordPress as an easy way to make your website look professional. 

Simply install a (free) theme from WordPress and you’re good to go. Personally I’m using GeneratePress, choose what theme you like and go for it. WordPress offers hundreds and hundreds of themes that you can choose from.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this step, make sure to take it easy. Set up the website in one weekend and get started with your blog or business. 

Often it’s good to put yourself on a deadline so that you don’t dwell and end up spending months making your website perfect. 

It’s important to not dwell on how it looks or what you ideally want to do with it. In the beginning, it’s all about having a functional website that looks somewhat professional. You can always improve the looks later. 

You want to optimize your website for building your email list from the beginning. 

How To Grow Your Email List In 2020

How? By following the next steps:

1. Have An Opt-In Form On Your Homepages

Your homepage is the most important page on your website. People are coming to your website and this is the first thing they see. 

You want to make sure that it enables them to see what it is that you can help them with. 

You want them to see WHY they need to sign up with you and give them the option to sign up right away. 

With Constant Contact, you can create inline sign-up forms. Place them on your homepage and grow your email list right from the start!

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2. Have 3-5 Opt-In Forms Around Your Website

Many people make the mistake of only putting one or two opt-in forms around their website. This way, it is easy for people to miss your opt-in while they may be interested in joining your email list. 

What a shame!

Make your every visitor has the opportunity to see your opt-in form. 

Currently, I have opt-in forms in my header, in my sidebar, and below many blog posts.

With MailOptin, you can create a sticky opt-in on the header of your website. 

Place your opt-in forms all over your website so that people can’t miss it. 

Step 2 – Create Opt-Ins To Grow

Opt-ins are something that will convince your audience to sign up for your email list. It is something that you give to your reader and the reader will be signed up for your email list. 

You provide value to your reader. The more value your provide, the better they will like your products and emails. 


What is an example of an opt-in?

  • Printables
  • Email courses
  • Ebooks
  • Resource library
  • Short video tutorial

Make sure that they give value to your audience and you’ll be able to add a lot of people to your email list! Give them what they want. 

This is the step that has helped me the post. When I started with email opt-ins, my email list started to grow way faster than it ever had before!

Step 3 – Create Content 

Do you want to have more eyeballs and people looking at your blog? Create content!

When you are creating content that is optimized for SEO (search engine traffic), you can get major traffic from Google. 

What do you do to rank in Google? You use keywords that your audience are searching for online. 

For example, your post is 8 Ways To Make Money Online. Your keyword can be something like ‘make money online’ or ‘ways to make money’. 

Once you know your keyword, make sure that you put them in your blog title, a couple of times throughout the post, and in the blog URL. 

If you are new to SEO, I highly recommend installing the Yoast SEO plugin. That plugin will tell you exactly what you need to adjust in your post. Do take it with a grain of salt though, not everything is correct. 

So now you’re getting traffic from search engines. 

Now you can make opt-ins to keep the people that are visiting your site coming back. 

Make opt-ins that are general for your entire website, and make opt-ins for specific posts or categories. Add them so that people are able to see them and sign up for your email list. 

Step 4 – Create Great Email Content

In order to keep the people that are subscribed to your email list, you should give them value in the emails. 

Share the value that you are creating with your current email list. Share new posts with them, inspiring stories, or anything else that you think will help them. 

Continue to provide value to them, so they will tell their friends and family how awesome the blog is that they ran into. 

Ready To Grow Your Email List?

Ready to grow your email list? 

Make sure you:

  1. Have an easy to navigate website
  2. Create opt-ins to grow
  3. Create content consistently
  4. Deliver great email content

Follow these steps and let me know how it works! 

Personally I recommend Constant Contact if you’re looking to easily and quickly build your email list. 


Because they have many options for growing your list, directly on the Constant Contact platform. Check out my review here!

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What strategies do you use to grow your email list?

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