When Her Deadbad Dad Called To Brag He Never Paid Child Support, She Wants to Hold Him Accountable

Not long ago, a girl turned 18, a big deal. Her dad, who hadn’t been around much, called out of the blue. What he said was surprising – he seemed glad she was an adult now, hinting he didn’t have to give money for her anymore.

Determined to hold him accountable for the years of unpaid child support, she found her voice and spoke out. Here’s what she had to say.

She Just Started College

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What happened is that the young woman just turned 18 and went to college. Her mother and several other female relatives raised her. At that point, her father was and had never been part of her life. 

She Never Seen Her Dad

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She expressed that she had never seen her father in person. She added, “Not once. He’s called, skyped, and FaceTimed me several times, but we’ve never met.”

He Tried To Influence Her

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He even got the young woman to resent her mother at one point. She mentioned, “He told me many times that my mother was going to abort me, lied to him, and withheld me from seeing him.”

Her Father Lied To Her

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The young woman then found out that her father had lied to her. Her mother didn’t hold him back. He had their address and contact information for the whole 18 years she was growing up, and he chose never to visit them himself.

She Found Out She Had Siblings

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Down the line, the young woman found out her father had lied more. He fathered either other children over the years, one of them being very recently. 

She said, “I was shocked. I met with a few of my sisters, who, at the time, were all receiving child support payments.” Or so they were told.

He Never Paid His Family

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There were several court-ordered child support payments for her, but he never paid one. She didn’t want to see her dad go to jail, which he had been in for a few years, so she never reported him.

Things Were Hard Growing Up

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For her mother and her, things were hard at times. They couldn’t always make ends meet. And her father never financially contributed. Not one single dime.

Then, He Called Her to Brag

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Her father called her up, he was “happy I was in college so that he never had to worry about sending me a dime, ever.”

She continued, “He told me that I was eighteen and therefore not his problem and that I should be happy he even gave me the time of day.”

She Wants Him To Pay

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After she hung up the phone, it didn’t sit right with her. He was never a father to her, and now he called her to brag. 

She decided to make him accountable. He needs to pay over $90,000 in unpaid child support, and she wants her mother to report him when he doesn’t pay. 

She Asked For Our Opinions

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She’s feeling conflicted. She wants to receive child support, so her mother doesn’t need to pay all her tuition and housing costs for college on her own. However, she’s afraid that her father may go back to prison or be angry with her. 

People Related to Her

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“You’re not the jerk,” one said. “Why are you worried about what happens to him? He was a [deadbeat] father and broke the law so he should face the consequences. I’m sorry there isn’t a better system in place to make deadbeat parents cough up.”

People Encouraged Her

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Another added, “You’re not the bad person here. Take him for everything he’s got.”

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