When Her Elderly Neighbor Accused Young People of Ruining the Neighborhood, She Gently Reminded the Old Woman of Her Limited Time Left

After accidentally upsetting her old neighbor when she moved into her new home, this lady is thinking about if she could have handled the situation better. Here’s exactly what she said.

She Moved Into Her Home

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She moved into her British semi-detached house in a street of terraced houses around three years ago. 

It’s a quiet town, which is just what she and her family wanted. 

They Do Stand Out in Their Hometown

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They did stand out in the town, a popular retirement spot, especially since they’re 30 with a young kid.

However, this doesn’t bother them at all. They want a quiet family life and aren’t looking to be friends with everybody they encounter.

They Keep to Themselves

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She mentions, “I’m quite the introvert, so apart from my direct neighbors, I did not attempt getting to know the rest around my house. That said, if someone speaks to me, I will happily speak to them.”

The Neighbor Announced Herself

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But one day, one of her neighbors approached her while she loaded her car. It started out very nice, just asking the usual questions you ask new neighbors.

They Focused On Her Moving Plans, Which She Didn’t Have

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Her neighbor kept asking her about when they planned on moving. She mentioned, “I told her I had no plans to move yet.” That’s when the insults started. 

She Didn’t Want New Neighbors

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Her neighbor wanted to “talk about how young people have started moving into the street, and it is much so noisy, especially those with families.” The elderly lady said that, knowing full well that she had a family and young kids.

She Didn’t Want Young People

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The elderly lady continued to talk about how she wished it went back to a street of older people. 

For a solid 10 minutes, she kept insulting young people, and I couldn’t easily escape the conversation since I was still unloading my car.

She Couldn’t Hold Back Anymore

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The woman tried to hold back, but after 10 minutes of insults, she couldn’t hold back any longer. 

The woman snapped, saying, “You can’t expect only old people to live in a street. Eventually, they grow old and die. Maybe wait a few years, and we’ll be old, and you’ll have your street back if you’re still around.”

The Elderly Woman Was Shocked

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The older woman was shocked at what she said to her. “She looked at me as if I just murdered her family and walked off.”

She’s Feeling Justified

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The older woman walked off; she wasn’t having it and was very angry. In the heat of the moment, the woman felt justified.

She Cooled Off

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After the woman had a couple of days to think about it, she felt guilty. She said, “I pretty much told her she would be dead soon, which no one really likes hearing.”

Is She Wrong?

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She didn’t know who was in the wrong, so she turned to the internet. She asked, “Am I the jerk for telling my neighbor she can’t expect only old people to live in our street?”

People Defended Her

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“You’re not the jerk here,” said one. “This woman wants to stand around in your yard and insult you, ask when you plan on leaving, and make you feel unwelcome… Yet she can’t handle you saying anything back? Being old doesn’t automatically entitle her to respect, nor does it give her a free pass to act like that.”

And People Related To Her

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“Not the jerk, not even a little bit,” someone added. “As somebody who’s been told to “keep it down” when talking on the phone in my garden by an interfering old person whose garden backs diagonally onto mine and had the police called over looking at something on the outside wall in the evening and thus being “suspicious persons with a torch looking into windows,” I am just out of patience for old people and their selfishness/entitlement to others’ business.”

Luckily, People Had Her Back

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The last one added, “She decided to harass you, not the other way around. You just responded to her insults accordingly. If she doesn’t like it there, then she should be the one to move.”

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