The Most Controversial Decision: A Concert over a Mother’s Wedding—Your Thoughts?

On an online community forum, a woman requested advice regarding her concern: Her mother’s wedding is on the same day as a concert she had been looking forward to for a while. To protect her details, we’ll refer to her as Sadie.

Context: Why Is Her Mother Getting Married A Second Time?

Sadie’s birth father sadly passed away a long time ago. Since then, Sadie’s mother met another man she later got engaged to and will soon marry. In her post, Sadie revealed that she does not like her soon-to-be stepfather and, thus, disapproves of their partnership.

In Sadie’s opinion, the man her mother intends to marry is a “hardnosed, no-nonsense, military-esque disciplinarian.” And according to a comment Sadie wrote under the original post, he also yells at her mother and is generally mean.

Over the past few months, Sadie apparently “made it very clear” to her mother that she is “not okay with the marriage” but still had plans to be at the wedding.

Why Would She Choose to Attend A Concert Instead Of Her Mother’s Wedding?

Here’s when things took a major turn: a few weeks ago, Sadie won tickets to a Taylor Swift concert through a giveaway hosted by a radio show. Through sheer luck, she could attain these highly sought-after concert tickets for free. However, the show falls on the same day as her mother’s wedding.

Sadie then decided to go to the concert over the wedding. After all, seeing Taylor Swift perform live is, in her words, “a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I do not want to miss.”

When Sadie informed her mother of this, her mother got so upset that she stopped speaking to Sadie completely.

Now, Sadie is distraught. Her mother’s reaction is weighing her down. She indicated that she loves her mother and feels bad missing her wedding but thought she would understand due to the circumstances.

Should She Take Back Her Decision to Skip The Wedding?

People who read the page expressed their thoughts on Sadie’s issue.

Most of the discussion found it “weird” that she would choose to watch an artist’s concert over such a significant event in her mother’s life. Several commenters also implied that Sadie was acting selfishly for choosing not to fulfill her promise to be at the wedding.

Someone suggested either selling the concert tickets and finding another available date instead or swapping her ticket with another fan willing to exchange theirs for another concert day. A second user agreed with this suggestion and pointed out this would be a practical solution, as the touring artist announced multiple shows anyway.

A few said that their stance would have been different if Sadie had not planned to go to the wedding in the first place. According to them, the fact that she told her mother about her plans to attend the wedding, only to change her mind later on, was what made her actions problematic. If Sadie had chosen not to go even before she won the tickets, then her mother might have been more understanding of her decision to attend the concert that day.

One user humorously added: “Even Taylor Swift wouldn’t want you to miss your mother’s wedding to go to her concert.” Others pointed out that Sadie’s mother, who painstakingly raised and supported Sadie her entire life, deserved the assurance that her daughter would be present at her wedding.

Source: Reddit