Clothing Ban and March Financial Update

Curious for my March financial update and my clothing ban accouncement? Look no further! We will talk all about my clothing ban today.

Since I went to high school and outer appearance became important, I have been obsessed with clothes for almost a decade. This was also the time where it was fashionable to wear certain brands, especially Bjorn Börg and G-Star was trendy.

At Bjorn Börg they had this underwear that was really fashionable, but around $20 a piece. That was a fortune back then and still way more than I want to pay for underwear. What we did, we were pulling up our underwear nice and high so that everyone could see it. I mean if you’re having $20 underwear, I assume you want people to see what you’re wearing. Boys and girls, we all did the same thing. Trying to be the cool kid in high school, but trends are so weird!!

We would wear these kind of things, is that recognizable for anyone?

On a more related note, my mom didn’t want to subsidize my bad fashion decisions, so she gave me a clothing allowance. At 13 years old I got a clothing allowance of $60 per month, and this would not change until university, where I would get absolutely nothing.

I was working at the local supermarket at the time. I was making a few hundred bucks per month, which was a lot of money back then! As soon as I got that money I went shopping. Bought some aforementioned Bjorn Börg underwear, G-Star jeans of $150, and that was my monthly salary spending.

In about a decade time, I had my different fashion phases. I went from only buying branded clothing, to shopping at H&M, to buying most of my clothes on sale, to deciding to get rid of most of my clothes. If you haven’t yet read about my journey to less, you can read so here:

Challenge: One-Year Clothing Ban

Angela from Tread Lightly Retire Early, has inspired me to set in a clothing ban. She’s already on her clothing ban for two years now, if you haven’t read her article of her yet I recommend that you do so here!

She announced her two-year mark on the clothing ban, and I realized that I also didn’t buy clothes for quite some time. I remembered that I needed some pants for work, and I literally bought 3 pair of pants and was out of the store in 20 minutes. When I checked, I saw that that was last August. Which means that I didn’t buy any clothes for 6 months!

I want to make it blog-official now, so you know it’s real! I’m going to extend my clothing ban until at least 1st of September 2019. I want to have at least on year in my life where I didn’t buy any clothes.

Before, shopping was just a habit that I would take on especially when I was bored. Not anymore! I’m actively avoiding any kind of purchases, which will also help my savings rate of course! Talking about savings rate, let’s dive straight into my March expenses.

March Savings Rate

If you have been living under a rock, you might not have heard that I got my promotion. I think I shouted it out all over the place, to this day I’m very happy about my accomplishment! I got a 21% salary raise in February, which meant that I would get my salary raise with a retroactive effort from 1st of January. Sweet!

Read articles published about my salary raise and more career related advice here:

That means my income in March was around 35% higher than usual, which also means a higher savings rate, yay!

For March no extraordinary expenses, I bought a festival ticket to go to Awakenings with Easter, which is a techno festival in Amsterdam. Already looking forward to it!

Here is a breakdown of my expenses:

Rough breakdown:

  • €280 rent and electricity
  • €72 groceries
  • €10 dining out
  • €45 festival ticket

This means that I have a savings rate of 85.8%, which is the best savings rate to date!

March On the Blog

Still going strong, as this is my 49th post already, time is flying when you’re having fun!

Another exciting note, my article about Money and Confidence got a mention in Rockstar Finance at the beginning of March. This was my first feature and it was incredible! I am beyond grateful for this amazing website acknowledging my article.

If you haven’t read it already, I recommend that you do so here:

Most Popular Articles of March:

1. 8 Terrible Habits for Your Wallet and Your Health – As with many things, they are addictive and they cost a lot of money. A list of 8 habits that are bad for your money and your health!

2. 18 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank – You want to treat yourself, but you feel that it is expensive? It doesn’t have to be, here are 18 ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank!

3. 15 Essential Frugal Living Tips [How to Be Frugal] – Whether you’re already frugal or not, there are always more things you can do to save more money! 15 Frugal living tips on how to be frugal to start today!

Goal Setting – March Evaluation

  • Write my first review-post – PASS. I’ve written my book-review post that was packed in a little different format, you can read it here: The Amazing Power of the Radical 10X Rule
  • Create Pins for every post I have – PASS. I’ve done my very best to create at least one pin for every post I have, so I’m happy with that!
  • Sell my old study books – FAIL. I’ve put them online, but no one has bought them yet. Time to up my game?
  • Write another guest post – PASS. I’ve written two guest posts this month. I’ve written one for the incredible ThinkSaveRetire called Laziness is A Lost Art – The Lazy Manifesto. Besides that, I’ve written one for the amazing FireTheBoss called Why I Still Live in a Shared Apartment. Go check them out!
  • Submit my taxes – FAIL. I’m having some difficulties with submitting, so this will be postponed until next month.
  • Get my personal email box to 0 – PASS.I’m back to 0 finally! I’ve unsubscribed to many useless email lists that I don’t read, and I’m incredibly happy about it!
  • Go to 500 Twitter followers – PASS. Thanks for showing me some love guys, appreciate it!

Goal Setting – April Goals

I’ve done really well for my March goals, so I want to keep this momentum going into April. I love to stay connected with all of my friends through Twitter and I am starting to love Pinterest, so I want to keep that game going.

  • Submit my taxes – I have some questions regarding my taxes, so I’ll reach out to the tax authorities and submit my taxes this month. Deadline is May 1st, so I really should do it now!
  • Sell my study books – trying to put them on more platforms.
  • Work out 3x per week
  • Work ahead for Radical FIRE posts – I’m already winging it, but I think striving for working ahead might be the hack that I need right now!
  • Read through my December and January posts to check my spelling.
Montly Report and clothing ban

8 thoughts on “Clothing Ban and March Financial Update”

  1. 21% raise!!! That’s freaking incredible. Well done.

    And I actually announced the clothing ban officially on my blog after I’d been at it about the same amount of time – about five months for me. Then again, I didn’t start writing by blog until about five months after I started the ban 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by Angela, appreciate it!

      What a coincidence! I think blogging accountability is the best kind of accountability, let’s see if I can make it. Not buying shoes will be my biggest challenge, as I was buying shoes every month a few years ago. I will post an update in August for sure!

  2. Jesus Christ, over 85% savings rate? I have a friend who lived in The UK and is now living in Netherlands. In a recent conversation he complained about how expensive is there when compared to England. I couldn’t imagine to survive spending less than 72€ in groceries per month here, so I can’t even imagine how it would be there.

    • Hi Tony, thanks for stopping by!
      Yes March has been good to me, with 3 months of salary raise being paid at once, wooo!
      I think housing and having a car is relatively expensive here, but food and stuff is good. But yeah I do meal prepping and I make around 2 batch meals for weekdays, one for lunch and one for dinner. And I never buy meat, which is also a huge cost saver!


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