Birthday Freebies: 35 of the Best Places for (Mostly) Free Stuff

Birthday Freebies 35 of the Best Places for (Mostly) Free Stuff

“Go Shorty; It’s Your Birthday! It’s the one day you get a freebie for your birthday from many retailers!” Thank you, 50 Cent, for inspiring the start of this blog. Did you know that you can get something free from your favorite restaurant, makeup brand, OR clothing store on your birthday? We all know how special a birthday is, especially your own, and if you can get a fantastic freebie out of it, it makes it much more special! Most will require you to sign up for their … Read more

Am I Ready for a Baby? 15 Things You Should Consider

Am I Ready For A Baby 15 Things You Should Consider

How do you know if you’re ready to have a baby? Well, I don’t think you ever know for sure. No one is ready to have a baby. It’s a massive change in your life that you only fully understand once you’re in it. We are going to talk about 15 things you should consider before bringing babies into the world. You may never be fully prepared to be a parent, but it’s good to prepare yourself as best as possible. If you’re at the point that you’re asking yourself, … Read more

What is a Paradigm and How It Can Change Your Life for the Better

What Is A Paradigm And How It Can Change Your Life For The Better

Have you ever heard of the word Paradigm? ( sounds like par-a-dime) It refers to something, not in the physical world but is a theory or structure of thinking like “science,” “math,” or the world being round. It’s not something you can see or that exists but something created or put in place to help us with what we see and interpret in our lives. Paradigm is used in the revolution of science quite often and was founded by a physicist and philosopher of science named Thomas Kuhn. … Read more

15 Happiness Quotes for Those Really Bad Days

15 Happiness Quotes For Those Really Bad Days

What Is Happiness? I’m sure this is something we’ve all questioned and wondered about throughout the years. Is happiness achieved with moments of laughter? Is it achieved with money? Maybe happiness is when you feel free and inspired. Or it might be having a Marvel and Lord of the Rings marathon one weekend. Happiness can mean different things to everyone. We all strive for that feeling of peace and acceptance in our lives, but we all have those terrible days where we need something to inspire us to … Read more