40 Easy Side Hustles That Pay Well

40 Easy Side Hustles That Pay Well

If there is one financial lesson I learned from the pandemic, it has to be the importance of diversifying my income. So many lost their steady 9 to 5 full-time jobs with no other income streams. What better way to diversify your income than having a side hustle? There are many side hustles that pay well. They are an easy way to bring extra cash each month and a lifeline when your primary source of income is in jeopardy. Who knows – maybe you will eventually be able to … Read more

How to Sell on Etsy – My Top 10 Lessons as a 5-Star Etsy Seller

How To Sell On Etsy – My Top 10 Lessons As A 5-Star Etsy Seller

Note: Post may contain affiliate links. Are you looking to start selling online? Etsy is one of the biggest online marketplaces for hosting an online shop. It’s easy to use and has more than 90 million active buyers (in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone) looking for unique, handmade, or vintage items (at least 20 years old). Want to know how to sell on Etsy, what to sell, how to market your products, and learn best practices? This post is for you. Additionally, don’t miss the ten lessons … Read more

How To Find Junkyards Near Me?

How To Find Junkyards Near Me

If you are in the market for used car parts or looking to sell your junk cars, you’re in need of a quick rundown on junkyards. Finding the most suitable yard for your situation requires more than a quick search on Google Maps. There will likely be many options nearby, and each local auto salvage yard or car flipping dealer has unique services and amenities, but how will you know which is most suitable? To make it easier, we have created this complete guide to help you find the junkyard … Read more

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to Build Wealth – Do They Really Work?

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to Build Wealth – Do They Really Work

The economic downfall has hit the entire world hard, and it doesn’t look like things will get better soon. If you are one of the millions struggling financially, it is time to take control of your finances. Dave Ramsey’s baby steps have been around a long time, but if you’re just getting started learning to become debt-free and build wealth, they are still as applicable as ever. Who is Dave Ramsey? Dave Ramsey is a famous American radio personality and author who helps people with their finances. He … Read more