Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort – Your Dream Destination for a Perfect Getaway

Amidst the vibrant streets and bustling markets, Bangkok reveals itself as a city that seamlessly blends ancient traditions with modern marvels, offering a captivating experience to travelers from all over the world.

When we were planning our visit to Bangkok, Thailand, and Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort invited us to stay, we jumped at the opportunity. Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is an ideal accommodation choice for those visiting Bangkok, offering a luxurious oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being conveniently located close to major attractions.

We want to show you what it’s like to stay there. We’ll tell you about the beautiful gardens, the amazing views of the Chao Phraya River, and world-class amenities.

Tropical Waterfront Paradise Close to Bangkok City

Bangkok Balcony View From Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

At Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, we admired wonderful vistas of the Chao Phraya River from our private balcony and through floor-to-ceiling windows, with an interior of imaginative, contemporary style reflecting a true sense of destination.

The staff was exceptional, and the combination of the stunning view and excellent service made for a complete experience.

Recent Room Renovations in Anantara Riverfront Bangkok Resort

Inside Junior Riverview Suite - Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

Upon checking in, the hotel staff personally escorted us to our room. The staff member informed us that the room had recently undergone renovations, and we were pleasantly surprised by the updated decor. Additionally, a thoughtful welcome package was waiting for us in the room, which added to our positive experience at the hotel. 

We were impressed with the level of service and attention to detail provided by the hotel staff.

Cooling Off at The Pool

Swimming Pool Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

During the stay at the resort, guests had access to sunbeds and towels for their use from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Additionally, the Loy Nam bar offers a swim-up experience for all-day concoctions of signature smoothies and fruity cocktails. Loy Nam offers all-day snacks and an indulgent array of burgers to savor.

Happy Thai New Year – Celebrating Songkran

Songkran Festivities at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

The decorations for the Thai New Year typically include colorful flags, lanterns, and flowers that symbolize renewal and prosperity.

These decorations can be seen throughout the country in homes, temples, and public spaces, and the Anantara Riverfront Bangkok Resort is no exception. Happy Thai new year and Happy Songkran.

Feeding Fish for Goodluck in Bangkok, Thailand

Feeding Fish for Goodluck in Bangkok, Thailand MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

In Thailand, there is a belief that feeding fish can bring good luck. As a result, visitors can partake in this tradition on the Anantara property in Bangkok, Thailand. The act of feeding fish is seen as a way to make merit and gain blessings. 

It is also believed that feeding the fish can improve their karma and have their wishes granted.

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Anantara Spa

Anantara Spa - Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

Savor the ultimate relaxation experience with Anantara’s spa. Their spa offers a range of uniquely Thai journeys that will help you slow down, unwind and indulge in a serene environment. Their services include herbal steam, sri nin rice scrub, and nam ob oil massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and radiant.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive wellness experience, they offer multi-day retreats that include healthy cuisine, gentle exercise, and detox treatments to revive your body and mind.

Himalayan Thermal Therapy Treatment at Anantara Spa

Anantara Spa Front View - Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

Harnessing the ancient energy of the Himalayan mountains, Anantara Spa uses artisanal, hand-carved salt stones to dissolve mental and physical tension. These ethically sourced stones reintroduce 84 minerals and trace elements to the body to induce the ultimate state of equilibrium while encouraging the body’s natural detoxification.

A facial massage using iced rose quartz gua sha crystals relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, and leaves the skin with an eternal glow.

The Luxury of the Kasara Executive Lounge

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort Lounge and Reception Area MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

If you’re looking for an enhanced hotel experience, consider upgrading your stay to include exclusive access to the Kasara Executive Lounge. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to check in and out in style and enjoy personalized concierge service throughout your stay. 

The lounge offers a quiet breakfast setting and complimentary afternoon tea; in the evening, you can indulge in sunset cocktails and canapés.

Have Some Food at Brio

Brio Restaurant Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

Bangkok’s preferred genuine Italian restaurant is open to diners, offering classic dishes, including fresh in-house pasta and pizzas cooked in a central wood-fired oven. Their collection features the perfect Roman wine to complement each dish.

Dinner on Manohra Cruise

Wat Arun View Dinner Cruise MSN
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

Relax in luxurious tranquillity, admiring the River of King’s illuminated banks and striking landmarks at night, from the bustle of Asiatique the Riverfront to the strikingly illuminated Temple of Dawn and glittering Grand Palace. Step aboard a beautifully restored antique rice barge and cruise along the majestic Chao Phraya River in old-world elegance.

Pass along famous royal sites, exquisite temples, and striking modern landmarks as you dine on fine Thai cuisine at one of the best river dinner cruises Bangkok has to offer. Overall, it was an experience that left a lasting impression.

Welness Lunch at Maa Laa Café

Welness Lunch at Maa Laa Cafe - Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort
Image Credit: Marjolein Dilven, Spark Nomad

The BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat’s nutritionist and Anantara Riverside’s award-winning culinary team have designed wellness cuisine menus that can be personalized according to guests’ dietary requirements and tastes to assist the body in restoring health, strength, balance, and enhancing longevity. 

The location was absolutely stunning, and the cuisine was exceptional.

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